How the Chinese build the tallest bridges in the world

How the Chinese build the tallest bridges in the world

Construction The Highest Arch Bridges in the World
How the Chinese build the tallest arched bridges in the world

An arched bridge is a type of bridge in which the main bearing structures are arches or vaults:

The arch is a curvilinear bar, whose transverse size is less than the height.
The arch is a curvilinear bar, in which the width of the cross section is significantly greater than the height.
Arched bridges can be riding on top, down and in the middle.

The supports of arched bridges are always massive, since they must also be designed for the perception of thrust. With large arch spans, it is always more economical than beam structures, but only with respect to span structures. Due to the large development of the supports in cross section, the bridge of the arch system is cheaper than the beam one only at the height of the supports up to 2 meters.

Arched bridges are characteristic of mountainous conditions, since they allow to block a larger span than beams, and in the conditions of mountainous terrain the construction of additional supports is difficult. Also, the specific area of ​​application of arched bridges is due to the fact that they require a large sub-platform space, especially with riding on top, which leads to higher prices and more complicated construction of embankments of approaches that can reach a height of 20 m; the probability of landslides on such embankments in the initial period of their operation increases.

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