Rusty Vintage Pipe Cutter RESTORATION

Rusty Vintage Pipe Cutter RESTORATION

Hi guys at this time i have restored a Rusty vintage pipe cutter in a cool way to entertain you guys.The cutter was too rusty and i find it from scrap store and it wasn't easy to restore it.

For removing rust i used HCl and it was concentrated and this dangerous chemical is capable of corroding skin, paper, metals, and even stone in some cases.So, be very careful i don't recommend you to do it.

After 5 minutes of rubbing steel wire brush i dried the parts and ready to paint with my favorite color after painting i also baked the painted parts for 20 minutes at 100 degree Centigrade after that the result is in front of you.

Please support me to restore more antiques your support makes me more interest.Also tell me for more better restoration if i can do it and Please Like,Subscribe and Share with others Thanks!


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